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We would like to provide you with a full list of possible charges that are payable when you apply for one of our properties. Please make sure you fully understand all charges before applying for a property with Woodcock Holmes.


Tenant Fee’s

  • £200.00 Admin fee – this will secure the property and it also includes your credit checks.
  • £100.00 for each additional applicant
  • £100.00 inventory fee
  • £100.00 Guarantor fee
  • £100.00 pet deposit (per pet) at the end of your tenancy, we may ask you to get the property professionally cleaned and a flea treatment at your own cost.
  • First month’s rent and a deposit of normally £100.00 extra of the rental figure is needed in clear funds before move in or on the date of move in.
  • If you have a standing order mandate set up and you wish to change the date of your rental payments, there is a charge for this. Please call us for more information as charges may vary.
  • *Important notice – if you wish to end your tenancy before the tenancy is up, you will still be responsible for the property and the rent*


Other costs that could be incurred. Including VAT:

  • Renewal of tenancy agreement - £93.00
  • Charge of a late rental payment - £30.00
  • Charge for providing a written reference - £60.00
  • Charge for a returned cheque - £30.00
  • Charge for having a contractor to attend to relight a boiler if the boiler has gone out due to not keeping the gas topped up on a prepayment gas meter - £54.00
  • Collection of mail that has been posted with the incorrect postage - £12.00
  • Charge for drawing up a final inspection report and arranging for contractors to attend - £96.00


Landlord Fee’s

  • Management fee – 12%
  • Set up fee - £155.00 · Deposit securing fee - £54.00
  • Renewal fee - £60.00 Company Lets
  • Company referencing fee - £300.00

Woodcock Holmes are accredited with National Approved Letting Scheme (NALS) as a Client Protection Scheme.


The Property Ombudsman Scheme