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We would like to provide you with a full list of possible charges that are payable when you apply for one of our properties. Please make sure you fully understand all charges before applying for a property with Woodcock Holmes.

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Move in monies structure


Monies due form the applicant are set out below please ensure that you memorise these and ensure you do not advise any different.

Day of application.

Applicant will need to pay the equivalent of 1 weeks rent as a holding deposit. To work this out you will need to use the sum below

                                    MONTHLY RENT X 12 / 52 = ONE WEEKS RENT

Day of move in.

Applicant will need to pay the first months rent minus the holding deposit already paid and the deposit which is the equivalent of 5 weeks rent. To work this out you will need to use the sum below.

                                    MONTHLY RENT X 12 / 52 X 5 = DAMAGE DEPOSIT

If a tenant has any pet the applicant will be required to pay an additional £25 per month per pet.

There are no renewal fees or inventory fees or final inspection fees that will be charged however we are able to charge the fees listed below

Charging to vary a tenancy: When a tenant has requested it, landlords and agents can charge to vary, assign or replace a tenancy. Such fees are capped at £50 unless the landlord can demonstrate that greater costs were incurred.

Payment on termination of a tenancy: Agents and landlords can require a tenant to make a payment for an early termination of the tenancy agreement at the tenant’s request. The payment cannot exceed the loss suffered by the landlord or reasonable costs incurred by the letting agent.

NB: If the amount of payment exceeds the reasonable costs of the letting agent or landlord in respect of the termination of the tenancy, the amount of the excess is a prohibited payment.

Any questions please feel free to ask me or refer to the government website

Woodcock Holmes are accredited with National Approved Letting Scheme (NALS) as a Client Protection Scheme.


The Property Ombudsman Scheme